The Change We Need

The situation of Nigeria cannot but make one wonder. Why should a country richly blessed by God be in such a state of poverty? Why should a country endowed with natural resources, ethnic values and hardworking people from different ethnic groups be economically unstable? What went wrong? There is no way one can find the solution to a problem without determining its source.

You would agree that minus hundred is less than ten. Even though it is, a gifted mathematician would challenge you that looking from another perspective, the absolute value of minus hundred is greater than the absolute value of ten. The difference is the position in the number line. So if we are to quantify Nigeria’s achievement on a scale of the measure of absolute value, we would say arguably that Nigeria is one of the most vibrant, successful and developed nation on earth. But in the real sense, we are not so developed.

Then I figured out that if Nigeria would be reshaped, something must change and the youths must effect that change. But the change we need is not necessarily a change from P.D.P to A.P.C; it is not essentially the change from military to democratic system of government or democratic to military system of Government. It is not compulsorily the privatilisation of the power and electricity sector. No! It is not essentially all of this. It is a change in our perspective, a change in the way we view Nigeria and more importantly a change in the way we react to situations in the country.

To the politicians, Nigeria is the perfect environment for looting money. To the investors and business personnel, Nigeria is the home of bad business. To a fraction of the youths, Nigeria is the home of bad business. To a fraction of the youths, Nigeria is the perfect hacking and corruption environment. To another fraction, Nigeria is the land of great pain and sorrow, America and other foreign countries are the land of milk and honey. To the students, Nigeria is the one place where admission and academic success can be only is obtained through examination malpractice, bribery and so on. To the masses at large, Nigeria is the home of survival of the fittest where you have to be smart, sorry street mass to survive. To the Government, Nigeria is the Eldorado where stealing is not corruption. The list is endless.

The truth is; Nigeria is all of this and would continue to be all of this until we change the way we view the country and the way we react to happenings around us. The Boko-Haram sects are simply majorly sets of youths with a wrong mindset. Being the most populated and most vibrant in the country, it is the duty of the youths to seek a solution to the problems of Nigeria. It is not the job of one man. It is the duty of the youths and of Nigeria at large.

A lot of political activists, professors, economic analyzers, scholars, etcetera have suggested solutions to Nigeria’s problem and hardly has one worked. The problem is not in the solution offered but in the perspective and the mindset with which it is carried. So I’m not going to offer solutions. No! We already have an endless list of that. Rather I stand on my belief that the first and major thing that should occur is the change in our mindset. I believe that no matter what the economic strategy is, whichever system of governance we choose to use, as long as we carry it out with the right mindset and with the genuine purpose of achieving success, it would work out fine.

So what we the youths need to do is to first of all change our mindset and as much as possible the mindset of people around us. It is the usual beliefs of all youths that elections are opportunities for amassing money through rigging ballot papers and serving as politician’s machinery. We should change our mindset to one that participates actively in polities. Our votes must count and our voices must be heard. We have had enough of the brain drain. Majority of the best lawyers, engineers, doctors etcetera are working in foreign countries because of their wrong philosophy about Nigeria. Nigeria must change and the change must start you and me. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”. The way we view Nigeria is the way she would be. Let us view her as a land that can change. Change your mindset and that of others.