My G.I.F.T for a Changed Future

As this month of July, 17th marks the International Day of a global icon, an epitome of valor, a selfless dreamer and a resonating influence that penetrated Africa and the world – Nelson Mandela; I present a coined concept of molding ourselves, especially the younger generation as G.I.F.T of change as Mandela did to make a difference that forge a crown for Africa.

A priceless gift he was, that transformed the 20th century; a unique gift that paved way for freedom, democracy and equality; an ordinary being that persevere against all odds to become an extraordinary game changer of our time; an African precious gift that lived almost a century lifetime to make impacts in all human endeavors. Mandela to me is not just a good man but a man that is goal-driven; an instrument of change and an inspiration that does not end today but travels into the future; a man that is not just a freedom fighter but the one who fought for a future for freedom that I as an African youth indirectly enjoys today; a man full of talents and has inspired me to be virtuous. In short, Mandela to me means a G.I.F.T; a distinct gift that has brought smiles to our faces and has given me a reason to always hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Now, this priceless gift has fully unwrapped himself and dispersed into our lives and memories. It is therefore time, we – the youth mold ourselves into unique gifts that reflect our personalities for change. We should be ready to transform our immediate communities, nations and whole world! As one of Nelson Mandela’s powerful quotes goes “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” To become a Mandela of our time, the youth should be ready to see above impossibilities and utilize our education and professional skills as the foundation in molding ourselves up as gifts of change. We need to self-visualize goals and follow through a mandate to see a poverty-free world, abounding in peace, united in equality, free from violence and terrorism. These can be achieved once we begin to mold ourselves up to that distinct gifts of our potentials and visualize the future we want to live. This is how we become a person of Nelson Mandela’s caliber.

As a youth, persistence has been my watch-word and inspiration. I believe persistence is the ink to rewrite impossibility to possibility. “Everything seems impossible until it is done”, Mandela said. Persistence brings us closer to transforming our lives, nations and continent. It is the inspiration I have imbibed as a student, youth and leader to make changes and influence the hopeless. Hence, my G.I.F.T actions for a transformed world are:

G – to follow through my goals of breeding peace and equity for change.
I – to be an inspiration to others to always see above the blockage of impossibilities.
F – to secure a future for a sustainable global development.
T – to use my natural leadership traits to lead on a path to a transformed future.

Finally, to preserve Mandela’s legacy into generations to come requires us to embrace our own distinct gift to make impacts in our respective sphere of endeavors. It therefore lies in our hands to make our future and world a better place while aligning our goals, inspirations, envisioned-future and talents for action as Mandela did to transform Africa to a power house for prosperity, freedom, equality, unity and a peaceful continent. Generally, it only takes one person, one ambitious and futuristic inclined youth in order to make a resonating impact. It could be me, you or us. Embracing my unique G.I.F.T and making changes, no matter how little, is my action for a changed future. Mold your G.I.F.T!

“It is in [our] hands to create a better world for all who live in it” – Nelson Mandela.