Maturity: The Pot Calling the Kettle Black


While there are some general overlapping societal views of what maturity is, maturity is a very culture-centric phenomena with a wide range of varying arbitrary rules and rituals for one to pass into “womanhood” or “manhood”, from culture to culture.

Most people’s idea of what it means to be “mature”, ironically, is not very mature or well-thought-out at all in and of itself. The idea that it’s immature to:

– Play games
– Be humorous
– Dress-up
– Make-believe
– Make funny faces and voices
– Sing and dance
– Generally be too imaginative or creative
– Etc.

is unfortunate, when such things have nothing to do with real maturity and only the popular superficial illusion of what it means to be “mature”. People think of maturity as a class, an us and them situation. That it’s mature to drive certain vehicles, wear certain clothes, get married, buy a house, have kids. People often confuse popularity for maturity and conflate being strange with being immature.

The real truth is that maturity comes down to just a few factors:

– Treating others with respect
– Taking care of your responsibilities

If you’re not hurting anyone and you’re taking care of your work, bills, chores, etc., you have every right to spin in circles in your living room until you get dizzy and fall down giggling, without any judgement.