You Are A Winner (Spoiler Alert: FUTURAMA)

In the year of 1999, a television show that would influence a whole generation, was born. This show, though somewhat ridiculous and depicted mankind’s most irrational thoughts about its own future, became a huge success and is still remembered today. That show is FUTURAMA, a series about a dumb man’s journey to overcome cultural shock and a huge hit of cultural lag in order to live a life within a world that had changed so much over a millennium without him knowing anything about it at all.

The main hero of the story, Phillip J. Fry, was a forgettable nobody in his previous life, which was unintentionally paused at the end of the 20th century when he accidentally froze himself for a thousand years. During his mysterious disappearance, many things happened in the world, many changes came to the lives of Earth’s population, and yet, Fry was still unnoticed by the outside world.

When he finally thawed at the beginning of the 30th century and witnessed the new Earth through the eyes of a man from a period before smartphones even existed, he was overcome by surprise and confusion. Everything had become so very different, and the only thing he knew was that what he wasn’t dreaming. After a few accidents involving a suicide booth, a robot, a mutant, and a distant relative, he finally made his own identity and started a new life with his new unlikely friends.

The idea of hibernating for a thousand years and finding oneself in a distant future is ridiculous, but believe it or not, what happened to Fry in the series often happens to us, in a different sense.

Often in life, things happen to us and change the way we see ourselves and life itself. Whether it’s a meteor shower, an alien abduction, an election, a marriage proposal, or even something as simple as a phone call from our parents, it can all add a new color on the paintings of our lives. It can make us happy, sad, confused, angry, desperate for help, and sometimes it could even make us question our own identities and beliefs.

Life can throw many surprises at us, giving many plot twists to our wonderful stories, either by hitting us or giving us lemons. All the wonderful plans that you have in mind, all the possibilities that you often fantasize about, can be turned to mere memories in a split second, and yet sometimes the darkest shadows that haunt you can perish instantly. In some ways, it seems that you’re like a puppet. However, you are not.

Life is indeed powerful, and it often plays around with the course of our stories. It happens to everyone. Nobody knows what’s coming for them, they can only try to prepare for whatever’s coming. But just because we can’t stop the coming of changes in life, it doesn’t mean that we’re supposed to just simply let it dictate us. Our chance to become what we want, to create history, to win against the conspiring forces of nature, is thinning every second.

Our time is running out. In this vast ocean of possibilities, our ships can sink anytime, and yet our destinations won’t come any closer to us. So don’t just let life dictate you. Don’t let other people put you down, and most of all, don’t let the person you see in the mirror every morning be disappointed at the end of the day.

Like Fry who finally managed to live a happy life with his true love in a world a thousand years older than his own, we too can find meaning, happiness and triumph in the world of our own. So, before your time runs out, rise up, hit back at life, and prove to the world, to those who tried to put you down, and most of all, to yourself, that YOU are A WINNER!

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