The House Next Door

At last daddy said we were there. Four hours of being behind the wheel and at a spot paid off when we saw the magnificent house. The house was almost perfect only that it wasn’t t the middle of the street instead an old house. Stories of ghosts, witches and trolls were sourced from thatt house. Rumors only time could prove right. Unfortunately I the ten year old was given the room closest to the mysterious house. Once home alone I knocked on the door and tried calling out but there was no reply. Inside, I had the shock of my life as there were black draperies, portraits which seemed hundred centuries old. Brown figurines with tapered eyes. Anything and everything in there seemed to haunt me after I heard noises probably from the door of the foyer. Frightened I took to the stairs leading to the empty floor. With every passing moment it seemed to get darker and the quiet atmosphere was disturbed by baby-like cry. Every door on that floor, all six of them looked like someone was tugging at its other end making miserable noises.

The once fearless child ran down the stairs and landed in the dining room which looked freshly cleaned. That fueled my fear because nobody had been there in years. Mirrors were on every wall, mirrors darkened by unknown causes. I ran faster when I saw fork drop and luckily I locked the door. Leaving behind the portraits, figurines, black draperies, colored mirrors and different kinds of noises. I raced into my housed stayed in for days. Nobody believed me they just tell me it was my imagination but for me, it was too real. So I tell anyone in my way “watch out for the house next door”.