I Weep Not for Her

Though she faded away, I still think of her, her coming, her staying, and her going. She left and yet no one mourned for her. The celebration of her going knows no limit. Even now when I still thinks of her going, I still smile. Isn’t it strange? That one can leave and nobody weeps […]

The Lead We All Must Bed

I am proud to be an American. I mean, sure, I may not have been born here, but since becoming a US citizen back in 2007, I’ve held dear to my heart fast food restaurants, heavy traffic on the expressways and the excessive violence that fills our every living moment here in the good old […]

My Bitter-sweet Banking Experience

Working in the bank can be hectic and fun too. I worked as a teller and Customer Service Officer for seven years, though as a Contract staff, that meant that my salary was meager and I was not entitled to some benefits (bonuses, allowances) and privileges like loans, abroad trainings, worst of all promotions, But […]

Moving On

This is how it begins. No matter where you’re born, even if it’s a forest, you slowly get used to it. It raises you and nourishes you. It comforts you and renders you whole. Slowly, you start getting used to it. You know each corner, each bush, each thicket, each giant tree, each plant, each […]

A New Place

Moving Day- Staring at the pile of boxes which began towering over my small stature at least two weeks ago had me thinking. It seems daunting at first, emotionally overwhelming even. You don’t know where to start. For months, maybe even years you’ve invested your time, your money, your heart, soul, and self into this […]

Education as an Influential Factor in Developing Countries

If anyone in the developing world knew so much about the influence of education, it was the late Dr. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. Mandela once described education as the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. As a human Mandela saw apartheid as an unjust system that foisted racial inequality on South […]

Letter to Her

Solely but not Lonely In the dryness of my mood the cold breeze of the woods cool off my soul. The dirge of giant birds lift up my soul even in my sole condition and the gentle drizzling of the rain wipe off the tears in my eyes. My eyes open to the reality of […]

You Cannot Step into the Mind’s Shoe

Certain things that happen to us in life occur for a reason. They don’t just emerge out of the blues. They are not in semblance with the Big Band Theory that attributes existence to chance. They are not on similar footings with Darwinian Evolution. They don’t just occur. Rather, they occur and for a reason. […]

Frozen Lotus

Emotions are fickle things. One day, you’re quite content to be done with someone; the next, you’re standing ankle-deep in snow, watching the frigid waters swirl by the bridge supports. I held the little gem, gift-wrapped in a silver foil with gold ribbon. It was a silver blooming lotus, with a blue sapphire partway up […]