My Dreams for Humanity

When I arrived to this planet called Earth, I discovered that it is not yet a paradise as we expect it. When I look around, I see the nature of life- I see people living in pains, people who are hurting but have no one to help; people who are wallowing in hopelessness; those who have been exposed to the cold world of misery. Later, I came to understand this secret of existence- that living a life only is not what matters, but living a life full of purpose and meaning with an indelible footprint left in the sand. I can see the faces of my people- it is boldly written, ”All is not well!” My heart is greatly sorrowful and bleeds seeing the present human wretchedness, and envisaging its ripple effect on our tomorrow. Sometimes, I sit down to weep; wondering if there is no savior to rescue humanity from this dungeon. When I cry aloud it seems nobody could recognize my agonizing voice. Humanity is faced with numerous problems, namely: corruption, poverty, injustice and inequity, violence, environmental destruction etc. posing enormous threat to our future. These enemies of progress often make us grope in darkness like blind people; opposing our peace, paralyzing our aspirations, blurring our visions, and attempting to truncate our dreams. These unwelcome d intruders have invaded our territories to subdue us, plunder our resources, and make us dress on sackcloth of mourning with dust on our heads. The welfare of humanity burns like a flame of fire within me. Why do these enemies and foes take us like their slaves??? These enemies that make us restless and steal our sleep must be confronted! Do not grade me by my age; do not grade me by my background; neither grade me by my stature. Because, if you do, your evaluation about my strength and abilities would be incorrect. But, grade me by the content of my heart by what I say- This is me! I am determined, and resolved to lead ”Warriors of change” to the battlefront; having girded my loins with truth; having put on the breastplate of righteousness, and having shod my feet with the equipment of the ”Gospel of peace”, holding the shield of faith with which I can extinguish all the flaming darts of the enemies; the helmet of courage; the sword of determination, and a fortified heart prepared for victory. I am ready to fight the good fight no matter the cost, and rescue my people from the impending shame, dangers, and woes! So help me God.

First, a fight for justice and equity. I have seen an evil under the sun- justice is perverted. The poor are often denied of their rights, possessions, and privileges because they have no one to stand or speak for them; while their oppressors after perpetrating their wicked and unjust acts go scot-free. Worse still, inequity has become the bane and order of the day; marginalization and discrimination are untold stories. It is pathetic that some persons in the society are discriminated, marginalized, and stigmatized. Why do humans harm and devour themselves instead of living in harmony? Oughtn’t we be our brother’s keeper? I have made up my mind to defend the rights of the downtrodden. So help me God.

Also, the alleviation of poverty. O poverty our enemy, why have you come to dwell with us? While humans continue to die of hunger and poverty, I often ask: What does the future holds for us? It stings like a scorpion because, a good population of persons who are fabulously wealthy, uses what they possess extravagantly and for self-aggrandizement, without considering the less fortunate. Sharing ”my bread” no matter how little it may be with the poor and needy is one of my dreams.

Further more, a combat against corruption. Every where you look the whole world tethers at a moral brink. Corruption and decadence have eaten voraciously, and deeply into the moral fabric of the old, the young, even children are susceptible and our future is at stake. Corrupt individuals including leaders tend to survive by ‘hook or crook means’ without minding the repercussion and aftermaths of their dubious actions. They amass illegal wealth; they bribe their way through. It is appalling, and annoying to know how ‘the minority’ suppress and depress ‘the majority’ in the society; causing them untold hardship, emotional trauma and weightlessness. Little wonder, this deadly monster called corruption can be found even in the classroom. I must expose and say no to corruption! I must do ”the best of my best” to deliver those who have been held captive, in order to make the society a serene and conducive place to live; in order to secure the future of the unborn generations. So help me God.

How I wish to transform earth! Even though the earth seems large, nevertheless, I know that a journey of miles starts with a step; drops of water forms an ocean. I am therefore resolute, not counting the rigors but ever-gazing towards a glorious and blissful end, ensuring that the little corner I can influence is somewhat less miserable than it was before I entered it. Though gradual but progressive- I am able to influence the earth. When I shall close my eyes in death, then shall I rest in peace because I have fought relentlessly for peace. Then shall God Almighty say unto me, ”Welcome home my faithful servant in whom I am well pleased!” So be it.