Letter to Her


Solely but not Lonely
In the dryness of my mood the cold breeze of the woods cool off my soul. The dirge of giant birds lift up my soul even in my sole condition and the gentle drizzling of the rain wipe off the tears in my eyes. My eyes open to the reality of things before me, the reality I was beclouded to see all this while. The foggy scenery makes way and the fuzzy covering clear off as beauty slowly make its entry. I can hear the epic tone of ancient eulogy as the epitome of ageless femininity stride upon the rivers of beauty. I can hear the voice of silence sigh at the sight of her style and at the salient poise of her stride even silence had to smile.
Who is this coming out of the desert?
Like an island, her beauty stand out as it truly deserves.
Who is this that smells like myrrh incense?
Like a cloud of smoke her countenance is so intense.

Women of Africa go out and see.
Her news already spreads across the sea.
Women of Nigeria go out and behold.
The face of beauty you wouldn’t want to be told.

Look at her whom my heart desires.
She’s my true choice no denials.
Her breasts are like fawns.
On them I wish to spend every dawns’
Her eyes mirrors paradise
An eternal kingdom no man will jeopardize
Behold! The highlands bow at the presence of her glory and the islands rise at the present of her story. The sea wave at the description of her beauty and the ocean pave way at the prescription of her duty. Hmm…Adulewa, at the express of your oral mystery even nature’s empress loose her aura mystique. Many cool dudes drown at the pool of your wiles and only a fool will not feel the pull of your smiles.
Black beauty, her eyelids are a pointer of how nature’s eye leads and each time nature’s eye meets her eyes, its ice melts. Your ample bosom is a symbol of humble blossom. In the court of your blissful boom the earth reach a peaceful bloom. Adulewa, Made of black, mother of all colors. Designed to be different and a referent ensign of timeless beauty. Short of breath, I hear the wind blow the winnows of death past my breast and the attending coolness bid me congrats.
What style in an African woman… my kind of woman.
I am not ready to mope in silence hoping against hope. No, I will take the step. What has taken over me is unexplainable. What I feel I cannot comprehend. Despite my deep insight, I still have no answer in sight. My insight has been beclouded by my ‘sorry’ plight. All this while, I have defiled the wiles of nature searching miles across the Nile, for a pill to make me smile.
In true reflection, I know I am not in a state of perfection. My attention has been in constant deflection from normalcy and my reasoning is in a state of defection. Though my body is bright for a fight, my spirit might is weakened by the fright of my gory plight. Let the cocks cry it loud over the earth.
Let not the earth breath nor the mounts reach their peak
Let not the heart beat that no mouth may speak
Let all art be still and no acts proceed
Let all hats bear the seal that no heart should recede

This day my heart is in fright; in fright of the one thing that puts the soul in high flight
Could this be……..?

What my soul feels, my mouth cannot speak and what fills my soul, my mind cannot pick
Could this be……..?

What I feel is ill but it feels quite good; whatever it is, it puts me in good mood
Could this be love?

The feeling I so much refused has become so profuse
The feeling I so much abused in it I now so much muse

Could this be love that I am feeling?
Could it be from love that I need a healing?
Could it be love that put me in so much fright?
Could it be love I am fighting with so much might?
Could I be…….?
*cock cry: the freight of love

I did not ask for it yet I bask in it
I have no task in it yet it stacks in me
Seriously, I did not ask for it
Behind its mask I still seek what it means

Weightless, I stagger emotionally and physically under the firm embrace of love.
I seem to be sailing in the infiniteness of its cuddle.
In a whirlpool of images of familiar and unfamiliar insinuations,
I seem to be lifted lightly off the ground into a realm of wide illusions.

I fear for my soul, I am scared of falling.
I have to save my soul, I am sure of this calling.
The risk is not in the staggering nor is it in the lifting off the ground
The risk lies in the falling on a ground unbound

To be save, one of three things I crave;
One, to be let loose from this embrace before I fall from its staggering or
Two, hold me firmly in this embrace that we may fall together from its staggering
Lastly I crave, prepare ye the ground that when I drop from this lifting, I may in love fall upon a love ground.
*the fall of love

I have stared outward into the blind but failed to stir inward into my mind. I have looked before and behind but failed to look beside. Now I bleed inside and plead outside that you put me out of my misery. I seek chances to do the ‘talk’ thing and not just the writing. Now I know whom my heart seeks. I am ill and sick but the pill I seek is YOU. YOU are the pill to remove the blight in my plight; to shed light upon my insight; to make my foresight bright and to bring me the delight for that smile I so much desire. I truly need you to ‘Green me to Grin’. Surely you are my heart desire and I have clues of what I need to do to win your blush my crush. Yes, I know…

I know whose face to grinningly delight, if only on her face I see the green light.
I know what speech to write but I need to know, if with me, her spirit is right.
I know what flight to take, if only her plight she is ready to stake for me.
I know what field to cross, if only I know how gross she feels for me.
I know what boat to sail, if only I know how much she gloats to bale with me.
The green light is all I need to see to carry her on flights over land and sea. If one day she reads this, I hope that day she gives me her bliss. If peradventure she’s reading this, I hope she greens me to grin.
*Green me to grin.
My intention I will make plane to her that the retention of its plain memory may make the tension less intense because my foreseen “painting” of the bigger picture is that of a future without taints in its mixture. What is my fate in destiny, if my chosen mate should shy away? To patiently await the day the coy state of my mistress will mollify and the gate of fondness unbarred? No! I will send my letter to her.
Dear TT,
Originality is my mentality,
Naturality portrays my personality
Personally, thy beauty beat my sanity,
Originally, your beauty portrays Africanity.
That smile of yours is a strong utility,
It can cure any man of insanity.
Can we together form a fraternity?
To be together till eternity

#long silence#
That I was quiet doesn’t make me stupid.
Though being love sick made me emotionally morbid,
My silence made my thinking rapid.

#back in line#
My ability to love you is beyond humanity
My fidelity will help conquer all hostility
In sincerity do I seek your chastity
What’s my fate my love?