Is it Always Right to Write?

There is a Bengali proverb: “Satang bado ma likho” which means “Talk a hundred times but do not put anything in writing.” It is a witty statement and is the best policy of life to avoid any complication. ‘Talk a lot and write not’ is the diplomatic view concerning cheating. Verbal commitment can always be denied avoiding any sort of jeopardy unless otherwise be tape-recorded tactfully. But written documents cannot escape.

The shortest authentic writing is one’s signature which is normally penned carefully and cautiously. In dispute validity of signature may also be challenged, handwriting experts and other witnesses may be called for.

Students are always taught to make a habit of writing to prepare lessons thoroughly. The practice of writing develops during one’s school days.

In our student days all of us were made aware of the fact that only reading the texts is not enough for complete preparation of lessons, but practice of writing out answers is very important for good performance in examinations.

Learning and retention power improves through regular practice in writing So writing habit must always be encouraged. Writing has varied branches as Prose, Poetry, Essay, Drama , Books, even letters and e-mails are part of the habit of writing.

Legal documents prepared by lawyers are of social importance just as Doctor’s prescriptions are of utmost personal necessities though only readable by drug shop owners. Though computer has solved the problem of bad hand writing to certain extent we cannot avoid writing altogether. So even today it is necessary that one’s hand writing is clear and legible.

Among teenagers and youngsters , the awakening of ‘love’ inspires them to write love emails. Unquestionably love letters are cherished treasures of one’s life. When implicit expression of emotions is restricted, an easy solution is letter or e-mail .

Expressive love letters are mostly preserved by lovers. Memorable e-mails are not deleted. Most people are forgetful by nature, so maintaining a diary is very nice. Later in life the records become a journey through one’s past days. Old letters arouse nostalgia and preservation of remarkable letters is also an asset. Books are the main bridges between the past and the present representing the progress of human kind and books come through writing. Computerization has become a substitute of printed books . Computerization is the modern version of hand written records.

Writing habit as a hobby is highly commendable and as a profession it brings double benefit : creation and recreation. It is also a freedom to choose, select and write what one wishes and not subjected to official obligation. Further the plus point of a professional writer is that he or she has no restriction of a specified time of job termination. In old age when physical infirmity acts in , it is wise to indulge self assessment and start to write one’s own biography. It will be cherished by one’s heirs.

When the eminent poet and litterateur Rabindranath Tagore received the Nobel Prize , a businessman’s joke was ‘Tagore was a perfect businessman, the investment was only a pen and paper and the outcome was huge amount of money’.

It is always right to write in the right track with an honest and noble approach.