I Weep Not for Her

Though she faded away, I still think of her, her coming, her staying, and her going. She left and yet no one mourned for her. The celebration of her going knows no limit. Even now when I still thinks of her going, I still smile. Isn’t it strange? That one can leave and nobody weeps for her? Nobody wants her return, nobody cares if she adapts well. Incompetence! She caused her mishap. When she forcefully took away love ones from their love. Rendering them down to the beneath when nature hasn’t called them yet. Making them lay on the coffin, instead of their bed of them and their love ones. Wickedness!

Even the almighty coffin where denied of their corpse, when the Minister of Health ordered that their corpses should be incinerate because their decay could contaminates under drainage water pipes. She did swallowed thousand!

There in Liberia, corpses were scattered here and there on the roads like sands. These lifeless souls which are now corpse have families but no one was willing to touch them because they fear to be contacted or contaminated with her!

She limited love over countries, making one become suspicious and withdrawn from one another. During her staying, family feared and became caution of one another. Husbands fear and became suspicious of their wives and same with brothers and sisters of themselves and their parents. I vividly remember how a father disowned his only daughter and child because he thought she was unclean/contaminated. The jovial daughter who was a missioner came home with a bold smile and a long urge and anticipating hug of his father’s. But instead, he summed her up and banned her of entering their home till she was scrutinized. He called up the health checker and while they were on their way, his daughter stood outside the gate for a couple of two hours. Fortunately, after checking her pulse, temperature, and sweat gland she was declared free. Now, her father opened his hand for an embrace but the daughter was reluctant in going to his arm. Imagine the great bond that could have been destroyed all because of her. What she have done! What a shame!

One can’t travel freely to interact with people of interest. You can’t kiss freely with your love ones; of course, their saliva or sweat could get one contacted with her if they were infected with her. One can’t shake hands, and hug. Really?! How can the world communicate vibrantly if these little gestures were been denied. I say it again, she is iniquity!

Some people were placed in isolation centers because doctors feared that they were contacted with her. And in these isolation centers, they have no visit from family and friends. Even those who showed care and treated them were punished with her. They were contaminated. Some of them died, some of them survived, even those who survived live with stigmatization and in fear. Alas!

I still pray, in my sleep and in my awake, EBOLA will never visit again!