Don’t do this to me I cried as I knelt in front of them a gag about to be put in mu mouth and my hands firmly tied behind. Every plea falling on deaf ears. On the bus I recalled the good times wondering the last time we smiled, wishing i did everything right by not making mama and papa love me.

I remembered as they sold me off with cold faces reward for my every smile while they frowned. My soon to be trip to the United States was now a trip to heaven knows where. Sadness emanated as I cried when we stopped at sunset. House alive with what seemed like a million moans making me to finally realize what had really happened. Stories I dreaded played before my eyes.

“What have I done?” ringed in my ears falling to my knees as my head turned I refused to be comforted. I refused to believe that my worst had just happened. I shouldn’t have been the best I should have been lazy because now my diligence made me just like Joseph betrayed. Betrayed by my own siblings.


High school student living in western Africa. Plainly answering the call. Enjoy.