Autumn: The Devil in Disguise

A friend recently asked me, “Do you enjoy fall?” I said, “No I refuse to be duped by fall’s deception!” Fall lures you into its trap with its pretty colors and its relief from summer’s heat. Fall entices you to enter its trap with nice days and cool nights that are perfect for sleeping.

During autumn, people peer out their window and see kids collecting (or jumping into) fallen leaves. Meanwhile, many enjoy watching football and drinking apple cider. People delight in wearing nice sweaters and decorating for Halloween. I wonder if people think we all live in a Charlie Brown episode.

However, fall is the devil in disguise. Everything seems to be gorgeous and pleasant, but it is a ruse. One day, while sipping a pumpkin latte or noticing the increased barrage of Christmas-themed commercials, one will find that the colorful leaves are no more; the trees are barren and brown. If a day happens to be mild, no one will know because it’s dark by the time most people leave work. As John Keats said in To Autumn, “Thou watchest the last oozings hours by hour.”

The cool weather quickly turns to cold and soon it begins to snow; potholes, ice and slush replace the colored, fallen, leaves. The sweater-wearing populace suddenly transforms into people ensconced in thickly layered ensembles that feebly attempt to restrain the encroachment of winter onto their fading summer tan.

There is no going back. Fall lured people into winter’s hell and that forces people to pin their hopes on some magical Pennsylvanian rodent in February. The groundhog – another one of the devil’s’ angels — tricks people into thinking that spring may be near, but it is all a sham. St. Valentine and St. Patrick’s presence cannot help. Winter seemingly lasts for an eternity.

Never make a deal with the devil; resist the temptation to embrace fall — do not be fooled!