…And Chelsea Retaliated

My father love dogs with passion, his favorites being Rottweiler and bur bull. I recollect vividly a strange but loving dog we had. The day it was brought to the house I suggested the name ‘Chelsea’ for it and everyone loved it so it retained the name. Chelsea was a bur bull breed that could eat food belonging to ten dogs and still not get satisfied, it ate like a pig!

I made a blue ribbon for it and tied it round its neck to represent the Chelsea football club color but one day, my father’s dog handler pointed our attention to Chelsea’s poo, in it was some whole bone it had swallowed without cracking and …OMG! The blue ribbon I made for it! The greedy dog had swallowed it and excreted it exactly the way it was. I was annoyed with it so I decide never to bejewel it again. He went round the compound with bare neck and cast jealous looks at the remaining three dogs which had colorful necklaces on their fat necks.
But guess what? The dog retaliated.

On a fateful Wednesday evening exactly one week after the ribbon issue, I came out of the house and what I saw was unbelievable but true! On my grandma’s favorite rocking chair sat Chelsea, cross legged and seemingly enjoying the evening’s serenity. “Chelsea”, I called it thinking it would run into my arms in fear of his action but he only looked at me for seconds and adjusted its tailless butt on the chair. I moved near it and realized something was wrapped round its neck down to its mid belly (there was no way I could have seen that afar cos I wasn’t wearing my glasses) you know what? Chelsea had gone to the clothe dryer to pick my grandma’s silk scarf and wrapped it round its neck in substitute for the ribbon I refused to replace on its neck!

I was dumbstruck at the emotion a dog could display to show its unhappiness to its master so I hurried into the house and stringed blue plastic beads jewelry for it, came out and gently stroked it on the head. He batted its eyelids and looked away in what seemed to me little anger and revolt but as I held out the jewelry to it, it licked my hands and wagged its tailless butt at me.

I unwrapped the old woman’s scarf from its neck and wore its jewelry on its neck. It lavished its appreciation on me and without being told, got up gently from the chair and moved to its cage. Just then the old woman came out and asked what was going on, I gave her my best smile and told her nothing! I dared not tell her that Chelsea had her scarf round its neck some minutes ago; there and there I am sure she would suffer a heart attack, cos you know what? She hates dogs more than the devil himself.

But since then, our greedy Chelsea has not removed its jewelry by itself let alone swallow it.