Like Farmer, Like Investor

These days, when we try to count the number of minds actively seeking additional income, we lose count. Man has learnt to cross borders, dig deep searching for books of the ancient, and spend thousands on education. My question is; is the knowledge we seek that far-fetched?!

Shall we take some lessons from the oldest occupation of man?

Before a farmer begins planting, he searches fastidiously for a fertile land; not any ground with soil, he then carefully select his best and viable seeds. When the time is ripe, he buries the seeds with right spacing between them. He waters it, weeds it and wait, anticipating the birth of a new plant. With every green leaf that sprouts, the farmer works harder to protect it from turning yellow. He fights pests even if it costs him erecting statues disguised like a farmer to keep birds away.

The farmer will fence his farmland to safeguard his labour from loss while he is away. He waits and anticipates while continously weeding it. The moment his crops ripen, he hastens to harvest and transport his produce back home. He avoids losses due to late harvest. As he gets home, the store is already prepared. He carefully preserve each piece, ensuring his work turns not in vain. Before he begin enjoying his labour, he carefully sort out the seeds for his next planting season.

Did you get that?! A business man is much like a farmer. The same wisdom and universal laws guide them. They only differ in what they sow, produce and their methods. let us take a much closer look. For any business to be successful, the businessman must first find a suitable place to labour and invest; a place where his investment will yield, ceteris paribus. He must check all loopholes. Is the investment ground safe and scarm free? Is it a sustainable ground? Can outcomes be fairly predicted?

After verifying the sowing ground is a good one, the businessman must sow a seed. It is not enough to follow every happening in the oil and gas sector. After finding a secured ground, a businessman takes risks to invest. It is called risk because just like the farmer, the likelihood of the investment expanding and giving much more returns is groosly unknown. In the case of a farmer, locust may raid just like a spike may occur and the seed is lost.

After seeds are sown in the right locations, the farmer must continuously protect his crop. He protects it from storm, pests and animals. A businessman must learn from the farmer. Businessmen must guard their investments from loss. A seed, left unattended to will either die or grow thorn. In either way, it is of little use to the investor.

A businessman must never kill his investment before it ripens. A farmer already stocked his house to cater for the waiting period before his new seed arises. A businessman must avoid anticipation of his investment. When a businessman does this, he is unable to reinvest when he ought to.

Oh prospective businessman and businesswoman, take a lesson from this. Source for capital and investment capabilities before the investment starts. Choose only the good grounds where your money will not be lost overnight. Take risk and hope all will be as planned. Work on your investment, make sure it is not lost, ending up in vain. Anticipate and wait. Soon the harvest will begin and you will be as rich as expected.

Thank you for reading.