The Bittersweet Journey

I know that we will always be together And never shall depart But I feel bittersweet knowing that the luster may leave one day I fear that I could loose myself along the way I know it’s probably just cold feet And one day the feeling will flee I just want us to stay true […]

Thinking of You

I sit here today thinking of you I think of all the good times we had and the memories we share I think about how we met and of our first kiss I think of all the times when you were missed I think of all the I love you And all the fights The […]

As I Was

I look in the mirror and I see a girl staring back at me She looks so innocent and frail And nervous as hell She has this gaze of disbelief I wonder is this really me? The girl I’m looking at isn’t the girl I used to know I don’t know why she had to […]


I wander the streets confused and weak Not sure of where I’m supposed to go There is two paths up ahead As I get close I wonder which road should I take If I tread down one path I could have everything that dreams are made of But if I choose the other path I […]