If wrists are to be cut, let them bleed out. Deeper and deeper, the mind drowns in its own thoughts. The sharp words roll off of his judgmental tongue with poisonous strikes on the damaged heart. As the mind worsens, so does the urges to inflict. As crimson streaks form through the pale flesh, Materials […]


A heavyset physique passes through the territory. His silhouette travels through the residence. Creepy eyes search through the frames And the savage beats along the enclosure. The access points are sealed, But a firebrick penetrates the transparent material And the glass shatters within. The trespasser infiltrates the property, His nauseating, vulgar humor and appalling prank […]


More than a decade ago, We were both laughing together, Holding hands on the swings And innocently playing on the slides. For Halloween, she wore delicious green And I, a little superhero. But, after our first year, She disappeared without a goodbye. As the years went on, More friends greeted my smile, And I forgot […]