The Pretension of Calling Art Pretentious

This might be one of my biggest pet peeves: people calling art pretentious in a derogatory manner. Let’s look at the definition of the word: pre·ten·tious /prəˈten(t)SHəs/ adjective attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed. You know, pretense, as in to pretend, make-believe. Now, is that not the […]

No God Required

Religion has no ownership over morality. The point of this article comes neither from a place of pro-religious or pro-atheist rhetoric, but from a simple and logical observation. There are many, many beliefs in our world, and perhaps the biggest flaw with virtually all of them, is the idea that that belief is best, the […]

Sad Poems — $100 Contest

Winner We’ve selected “What Survives” by Informantxgirl as the winning poem. Congrats! The feeling of sadness isn’t always a bad thing; sometimes it’s quite beautiful and even cathartic. So, that’s the contest: make us cry. The poem we think is the saddest will earn its writer $100. The contest will run for two months, with […]

Identity: Fact or Fiction?

“Who are you?” is perhaps the most philosophical question there is and I’m not talking about the id, ego, or super-ego. Who defines you, you, friends, family, or society? No matter who you are no one sees you exactly as you see yourself. The truth is everyone is everything, only to what degree I think […]

A Death in the Family

No matter what you believe or where you live, we all have to face death at some point, in one way or another. Some cultures are very healthy in the way they handle death and some are not. If you don’t happen to be part of a culture where death is a celebration of life, […]

Nonfiction Essays — $250 Giveaway

Omniverse author bo has been randomly selected as the $250 winner for this giveaway for their article “Danger“. Congrats bo! During our last outing we received a pleasantly surprising amount of great and original content, mostly in the form of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. This time around we’ll be looking to fill the gap […]

Maturity: The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

While there are some general overlapping societal views of what maturity is, maturity is a very culture-centric phenomena with a wide range of varying arbitrary rules and rituals for one to pass into “womanhood” or “manhood”, from culture to culture. Most people’s idea of what it means to be “mature”, ironically, is not very mature […]

Lines Ascending

The devil creeps up my spine, but never does he scribble outside the lines. Ever dormant, but peeking through, I ask how much of myself do I reveal to you? Floating in the air, looking down upon those who are unaware. Last question. Do I become or simply scare? 4 Views OverminesCaretaker of The Omniverse […]