One would think that after all this time, there would appear a consistent amount of warmth coming from the skies. But I’m still here, just watching the newly greened tops shivering in the wind, all on the outside of my most recent window wall. Back then I would encounter spring for the first time behind […]


Oh, that roof on which I lay. Gazing on that which I thought I could see. But in reality, I was locked inside. 5 Views J. DianeJust another person who loves to write, because writing is a window into not just who I am but also human experience. I think writing is all about connections. […]

Darling Dog

Darling Dog. I just sit here on the rock while you run in circles like horses racing round and round the ivy and oaks crossing the footbridge and turning on your tiny little heels thrashing across the footpaths that are slowly fading into brush. I laugh, and laugh, and watch. From my shaded seat I […]