Sad Memories

Cursed! Cursed it all! Curse the past mornings, nights, moons and stars we shared. It’s lacking would have lessen the pain, terror and agony I stomach now She came only to tease without leaving her child, happiness but her enemy, memories. Sitting amidst exanimate bloods, holding your whiten body, I had her enemy, memories. She […]

Quondam Hero

Smooth skinned, old babe-my James Bond! Relationship knows her worth through us, we leads her, her way. Every Morning, I wake up and think of our day ahead, yet you told me “Two-thirds of the week is enough for us”! I see us heading nowhere with these! You wanted “just” friends, I secretly wanted “close” […]

I Sorrow Alone

This sweet taste is one I can’t have. I eager to have it, I urge to taste it. Why it refuses to come, I don’t know. These agonizing reason sullen me. I watch with envy my fellow gender, Cuddle and handle theirs with love. On their face stood the sunlight, On their world the full […]

I Weep Not for Her

Though she faded away, I still think of her, her coming, her staying, and her going. She left and yet no one mourned for her. The celebration of her going knows no limit. Even now when I still thinks of her going, I still smile. Isn’t it strange? That one can leave and nobody weeps […]