Beats from the Heart

Beats from the heart i don’t know if this is love deep down something fills in me feelings that are untamed LOVE!LOVE!!LOVE!!! ecstasy unchangeable passion unbeatable bonds unbreakable feeling unexplainable love unthinkable LOVE!LOVE!!LOVE!!! thinking of it untiringly falling in it unwittingly In the bright day suddenly Thinking of it fervously Burning the heart comfortably LOVE!LOVE!!LOVE!!! […]


Infallible If 100 lashes is not enough The punishment of the grave, The fierce looking face of Nakir, Mightier and mightier than you imagine Beware before it is too late What of His anger? The grand architect of the universe, That accountability would be uneasy, Indeed would make you queasy Beware before it is too […]