Nature and Its Awe!

For years, it has been a source of marvel, The mystery of creation, I’m yet to unravel, The iridescent oblong box that illuminates the dark, Lights the mind and creates a warm world, dead in the night The rude sun pierces the curtain uninvited, Finds its way into the hut and mansion The infinite blue […]

Morality Flees its Bedrock

It is indeed doleful And has put the thoughtful, In a mood sorrowful The fact that morality flees its cradle In the bedrock of morality, Lie practices filthy In the bedrock of morality, Are people of gross immorality More or less jingoists in acts of bigotry All corrupt even the men of clergy They are […]


Herald of joy and hope Born an “ethiop” Each day, bubbling like froth The land has watered my hope Proud I am, to be a Negro; A descent, with enviable ethos The land of the pyramid mysterious The wondrous invention of Cheops The home of the Tutankhamen tomb, lustrous For millennia past, The cradle of […]