A New Place

Moving Day- Staring at the pile of boxes which began towering over my small stature at least two weeks ago had me thinking. It seems daunting at first, emotionally overwhelming even. You don’t know where to start. For months, maybe even years you’ve invested your time, your money, your heart, soul, and self into this […]

An Unexpected Lesson from a Class I Didn’t Want to Take

Bodhicitta: a Buddhist concept for a person seeking to fulfill an enlightened mind through maintaining an open mind and heart towards all they encounter, understanding that they can learn something from everyone and everything, and embracing new thoughts and ideas. Until my junior year of college, holding on deeply to a religion I was born […]

The Trouble with Writing

What most who ambitiously but ill-advisedly take on the paramount task of writing a book soon come to realize is that the assignment they have undertaken is vastly more difficult than they could ever have perceived. The ultimate goal, to pass along meaning to the reader, requires tireless efforts and failures before it is achieved. […]

Some Thoughts on Education

John Kenneth Galbraith, noted Economist and Liberal diplomat, once claimed, “the conventional view serves to protect us from the painful job of thinking.” Applied to America’s Educational system, which seems to be at the top of the nation’s to-be-criticized list, this view hits scarily close to home. We as a nation have given up, or […]

Simply Put

So I’ve been sitting here, at my dining room table, staring at this torrential downpour of a tropical storm, thinking about you, and how right now, if you woke in time for your flight, are halfway around the world. More specifically, I have been dwelling on what I would say to you if I had […]