Security in the 21st century without adequate research and investment in technology is a mirage. The tension between individual privacy and law enforcement or national security interest has been enduring a force in the American life and beyond. Its origin long predating the advent of new media and current technologies. Europe is currently battling with […]


Don’t do this to me I cried as I knelt in front of them a gag about to be put in mu mouth and my hands firmly tied behind. Every plea falling on deaf ears. On the bus I recalled the good times wondering the last time we smiled, wishing i did everything right by […]

The House Next Door

At last daddy said we were there. Four hours of being behind the wheel and at a spot paid off when we saw the magnificent house. The house was almost perfect only that it wasn’t t the middle of the street instead an old house. Stories of ghosts, witches and trolls were sourced from thatt […]