How To Choose Online Payday Loans Direct Lenders

But church scholars had gradually refined the meaning of usury until Lessius made nearly all interest on loans legit. She also praised the client service, which included email or phone alerts three or four days before a payment came due. All someone needs to have a pay day loan is an open checking account in […]

Five Simple Tactics For Payday Loans Online Same Day Uncovered

The CFPB in June proposed new regulations to “end payday debt traps” by putting caps around the number and quantity of loans that companies would be allowed to offer to customers. Some expenses are just unavoidable, such as a health problem or car repairs. Go east on FM 529 (Spencer Road) for around 3 miles […]

4 Little Known Ways To Make The Most Out Of Payday Loans In Pa

Why should you suffer with pending bills as soon as your payday is still far away. Although Ohioans voted in 2008 to cap cash advance rates at 28 percent, lenders sidestep those limits and charge up to 591 interest rates on short-run loans. The lender can also file civil charges against you and even garnish […]


No one listens to my cries of help I feel helpless in this sea…will you come help? I wish for nothing more than just a friend. Will you come help? I want a hand to hold. Can I hold yours? When my eyes are wet and my hands shake… Can you come aid? When I […]

Running from Reality

I cannot stop running from reality, Being the coward I know I am. But the fact remains to be that one day I will tire and collapse to my knees, my legs bloodied and bruised from its relentless pounding against the bare cement, my eyes swollen and watering from the harsh winds battering them, my […]


Graphic novels are enjoyable to read because it can connect various cultures and generations to speak about their superheroes, an author’s memory, and the visual of it. Most people can relate to any hero and what they represent to them from seeing justice happen, forming romantic relationships, and experiencing adversity. Comic book can teach people […]

Fading Recollection

We sit, you stare at me but see nobody “What a beautiful girl, who are you, dear?” I crack a broken smile: “It’s me, sweet grandma.” You blink bewildered, your thoughts unclear The clock keeps on ticking, never once tiring You feel lost, nothing belongs, all pass from sight Your jigsaw mind slips into oblivion, […]


i go to work everyday, no one to tell how it went, because i am all alone i watch the funniest show, no one to tell how it goes, because i am all alone every time i try, to bond with every person who walks by, but… i am all alone eating my favorite food, […]

Blame and Remember

You took it from me The only thing that was keeping me sane They say forgive and forget But how can I forgive and forget When my heart feels as if it has been carved out of its place And it’s been replaced with a vast and dense stone Tell me how can I forgive […]


Screaming alerted me to the peril Flashing red lights led me inside the white coffin Scared, bewildered, confused we waited… Waited for your eyes to open for your smile for your touch, for your love 9 days I waited… Somber-faced the white devil said…5 minutes till the end 12 hours I waited when they declared: […]