I Would

Blurred faces and counselors whom I don’t recognize Strange pills I never knew the name of Not knowing how to tell them without feeling empty I would weave a tale to escape the horror Creating a castle out of lies to escape reality Waiting for someone to patch up my holes Even though I knew […]

Awwww Poor Me

I graduated from college sixteen long years ago Was going to change the world, make myself whole Didn’t make much money so I had to take out a loan I have had several good jobs, worked my fingers to the bone I borrowed ten thousand, paid for many years and I still owe nine All […]

I’m Counting My Days; I’m Counting My Blessings

I had many dreams which I wanted to realize Only a few of them accomplished, and it’s time already to bid goodbyes… I have to tell myself the journey is finished I, the twenty-something is soon becoming a history I still feel calm and blessed I guess that’s some divine mystery As I pondered…death is […]

The Singing Ship Tale

Immortal he was, but he did not know, Till a deadly plague hit his crew in open sea, Death was certain, but they would never bow, As men when they are sailing, they are always free. So with music they decided to welcome death, Septet, sextet, quintet, quartet, trio, duet, One by one they all […]

Monica Only Had One Ear

Monica only had one ear. In all her years she’d never heard the call of love, Or the call of the market trader who sold prescription sunglasses She’d never be able to wear. “Only Five Pounds a Pair!” He thought she had lovely hair and sad eyes. She passed him by every morning Never knowing […]

Heart Attack

My blood is so loud I can’t hear my thoughts, I find myself so silent though I’m a hurricane this is so unusual my veins pop-out into my temple – the tears are falling down down on my nipple I feel so much sorrow guess I’ve never been so a-low-ne 11 Views DenizaI am a […]

The Crepler

I watch you through open doorways and windows to make sure you do what you should. I like to lick bones; it makes me feel good. You can try to find me first. I’m outside near the firewood. But if I find you first, I’ll snatch away your childhood. 1 Views OverminesCaretaker of The Omniverse […]

The Bittersweet Journey

I know that we will always be together And never shall depart But I feel bittersweet knowing that the luster may leave one day I fear that I could loose myself along the way I know it’s probably just cold feet And one day the feeling will flee I just want us to stay true […]

Thinking of You

I sit here today thinking of you I think of all the good times we had and the memories we share I think about how we met and of our first kiss I think of all the times when you were missed I think of all the I love you And all the fights The […]

As I Was

I look in the mirror and I see a girl staring back at me She looks so innocent and frail And nervous as hell She has this gaze of disbelief I wonder is this really me? The girl I’m looking at isn’t the girl I used to know I don’t know why she had to […]