Cancer Sucks… And Then You Live

People get caught up in a world created within the limits of their own minds where they tell their children they’ll read to them, play with them and talk to them… later. They’re too busy for social invites because work can’t wait and life is moving fast and they can’t slow down long enough to […]

The Legendary Tales of Notch Johnston

The new group of medical students stared at the ugliest human they had ever seen. It looked to be at least a thousand years old and then some. Only two of the students even guessed what it really was. And they were human! They all stood looking through old style bulletproof one-way glass at the […]

The Figures of Tellico Lake

I love to go at dawn to the edge of Tellico Lake. On the way, I can see the blue haze of Smoky Mountains. However, it is the gathering sight down on the east Tennessee water that I seek. As the sun sneaks upward over those soft-looking Smoky Mountains, fog figures rise from Tellico Lake. […]

Identity: Fact or Fiction?

“Who are you?” is perhaps the most philosophical question there is and I’m not talking about the id, ego, or super-ego. Who defines you, you, friends, family, or society? No matter who you are no one sees you exactly as you see yourself. The truth is everyone is everything, only to what degree I think […]

Summer’s Winter

In his mind she was still an infant who would drool all over his shoulder every time he’d pick her up. Her frequent throwing up that would ensue after he’d feed her would ruin every sweater and shirt he had on, ensuring that the smell of baby vomit was deeply embedded in all of his […]

The Art of Shutting Your Unsolicited Pie-hole

It is your first Monday after landing that “big kid” job you have been waiting to hear back from weeks after a third interview two weeks out of grad school. This is it. You are a grown up… by definition. You have your willingness to impress accompanying your desperation to validate the six plus years […]

Electromagnetic Fun: How to Turn a Styrofoam Bowl into a Speaker

If your child loves making science projects, here is a unique idea that is certain to catch his/her interest! Here is the finished speaker my 10 yr. old son made (with a little supervision) Materials: One styrofoam bowl One paper plate Hot glue gun Scissors 10 Neodymium button magnets (regular button magnets will work too, […]

Confessions of An Egg Candler

In the summer of my tenth year, circa 1963, I decided I needed a job. DC Comics had published more 10-cent superhero issues than coin prospecting under the sofa, riffling through Dad’s trousers, or keeping the change from grocery runs could support. Even if I tacked on a surcharge for embarrassing items like Modess or […]