Fight Intentions

We trained together inside our Sifu’s garage. It was, well… humble, but efficient. There was a heavy bag in one corner, a kicking dummy in the other, and a speed bag in another. There was room for maybe ten of us, if we were sparring back to back. Some days it would be just me, […]

Lose All Hope

I am a writer. You will hear no pride in my voice when I make this declaration. It was never my intention to be a writer, never was it a childhood dream, I simply find myself suitable as little else. Every writer denies the world a scientist, an engineer, a soldier, a police officer; there […]

Rabbit Games in the Misty Moonlight

When I was a young woman, my mother and I were pulling into our driveway in the Indiana woods when, a ring of rabbits emerged from the mist, next to the driveway under the trees. There were perhaps thirty of them equally spaced from the others. The rabbits took turns hopping into and out of […]

Federer, Djokovic Files

Retire, don’t retire, retire, don’t retire…sit down with a flower and pluck at its petals and if your name isn’t Roger Federer, you’re almost sure to end at ‘retire’, but it’s Federer who will decide whether he is to retire or not and his petals all appear to be saying the same thing, ‘don’t retire’. […]

We Should All be More Like Kevin…

We should all be more like Kevin. Do you know him, by any chance? No? Then let me tell you a little bit about him. He’s another English teacher that I’ve met here in Bao’an District in Shenzhen, China. Kevin isn’t like some of us, and he especially isn’t like me. He is a very […]

The Change We Need

The situation of Nigeria cannot but make one wonder. Why should a country richly blessed by God be in such a state of poverty? Why should a country endowed with natural resources, ethnic values and hardworking people from different ethnic groups be economically unstable? What went wrong? There is no way one can find the […]

Life as an Undergraduate

“When you call on me, when I hear you, I’ve got wings to fly. I feel like I’m alive”. This hit song by Celine Dione had always made me wonder if she really knew what she was singing about. I mean; it sounds odd to hear a living being say “I’m alive”. The dead of […]

The Last Bus Ride

THE LAST BUS-RIDE (the last 30 minutes of a member of BOKO HARAM) As he stepped out of the dilapidated Toyota corolla, the dewy salient morning air caressed his face. The rousing orchestra of dawn tickled his senses and sent his mind into a heightened state. There every subtle detail seemed to have an in […]

Son of the Year

“What- the FUCK is this?!” I try hard not to curse, I really do. Being a Christian man in a Christian family, I felt I always had a responsibility not to curse. I had done well in the past, I always minded my words and my drinking tendencies. But as we get older, we begin […]

A Place Among the Stars

Through long and winding roads, leaping gleefully over puddles of water, hugging my thick jacket tighter to trap the warm air then clutching my father’s large hand, feeling its warmth radire all over my arm, peering up into his hooded face and enjoying the rush of emotions- happiness, contentment and trust in the one big […]